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  • International Print Cter. New York (IPCNY)
    Extensive online print collection from their ongoing juried exhibitions

  • Zea Mays Printmaking
    A community print studio in Florence, MA dedicated to the safest and most sustainable printmaking practices. They offer clases, internships, residences and tutoring. A detailed account of their non-toxic research can be found on their website.

  • Women’s Studio Workshop
    An art center in Rosendale, NY. Founded in 1974 and run by women to the present. They offer residences, internships, fellowships and classes. They are the largest publisher of artists’ books in North America.

  • NY Center for Book Arts
    A center in NYC dedicated to book arts. They offer fellowships and classes.

  • Morgan Paper Conservatory
    A large center in Cleveland, OH dedicated to the production and exhibition of handmade paper.
    They offer classes, residencies, and internships.